The popular actor Pierce Brosnan recently turned 68 years old. The star has a good shape and is not embarrassed by his wife, who doesn’t match him well.

Even in the 1990s, the actor married a beautiful girl named Keely, with whom he is in an ideal relationship to this day.

Fans began to notice that the actor’s wife had changed a lot during this time.

The pics show that from a slender beauty, the girl turned into a plump woman who clearly no longer looks so charming.

 “I love her the way she is”: Pierce Brosnan amazed everyone with pictures of his plump wife

But Brosnan always replies briefly: “I love her like that.”

And fans, being shocked, write comments under each publication, “What a horror”, “How could you turn yourself into such a thing”, “This is a wonderful example for everyone”.

And what can you say about the changes in the couple? Do they look nice together?

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